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A few tips for managing stress…

1)    Pace yourself to your own natural rhythm, not others. As that dreaded deadline is approaching and you feel under pressure, say to yourself that you are going to get the task done. Your prerogative now is to monitor the pressure you are putting on yourself because this very pressure is where your energy is being channeled toward and this is taking away from your task.

2)    Can you delegate to others some of the things that require your attention, and concentrate on your priorities? Overthinking every little thing will only add to the pressure. Unhealthy levels of anxiety and stress can be the result of competing thoughts while you are engrossed in something but thinking about something else.

3)    As we experience pressure we feel the compulsion to prove ourselves to ourselves and to the world. We need to make sure that we do not confuse compulsion with conscientiousness and dedication. The word that comes to mind here is awareness. For instance, I was completing a set of slides for a work presentation but I was never happy thinking that my work wasn’t proving my point enough. I then stopped and thought, ‘I am working myself into a frenzy I will ask someone else to proof read it as this is no longer me being dedicated, it’s me getting stressed out and overthinking it…’’

4)    Task avoidance, procrastination, and postponement are the result of us feeling overwhelmed and being in denial and this is often be processed through subtle deprivations. Once you have admitted you are in denial make a list of those necessary tasks you have been avoiding and make a point of completing them one by one and knock them off slowly but surely.

5)    When you feel you are underperforming is easy to become disconnected from yourself and others as you feel you are losing status, image, and values. Make a list of what and who is important to you and try and reconnect with things and people you have been avoiding.

6)    When the denial of your needs intensifies it is a short path to disavowing your emotions. Start paying attention to your language and when you hear yourself being cynical and bitter take it as a sign of burnout, not a reality. Stop proving to yourself that you are fine because you are not. Pick someone who’s sensitive to issues and talk to them.

7)    When we are stressed out changes in behaviour that are noticeable start to materialize and people might even comment on them. Instead of us perceiving it as a way for people to help us or give us feedback, we see it as an attack. Do not shut down on other people and listen to what they have to say in the way of feedback.

Written by Tony De Palmas. Your Coach.


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