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The power of pain-Inspirational writing

The size of your dreams might intimidate you… This was the case when this man got lost in the desert and went two days without a single drop of water.

As the man shuffles along, he sights what seems to be a lake; immediately, he thinks to himself: ‘this is a mirage, it can’t be real’.

The man makes for the lake to realize it is real indeed. He is now stood before the lake and you would think it obvious that he should quench his thirst, but he chooses not to…

A mysterious beam of light is now shining upon the dehydrated man; in awe of the overpowering force, the man recoils, but a voice asks him to stay and ponder his decision not to drink. The man replies, ‘Have you seen the size of the lake, I am not going to drink it all up, I am feeling too overwhelmed’.

This is what pain can do to us if we give in to it… it will have you notice your weaknesses only; it will stifle your endurance; it will confine you to your comfort zone. But, the contrary is true if we have a tiny listen to that scary yet useful voice and we pay attention to the underlying message…

Pain is your friend and it will show you the way. Have that first sip of water, dear man, it will help you gauge whether you are satisfied or you need more…

Analogy with life: that first baby step will boost your confidence as now you know that you can, but that can only work if your actions are in alignment with your values and if what you do is a reflection of who you truly are. Every cloud has a silver lining…

Tony De Palmas-Your people person…

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