Perceptions or reality..

Perceptions or reality..

“Recently I have been finding it hard to control this feeling of anxiety about not knowing what’s next in my life.. Am I resisting the outside reality? am I stuck in my own perceptions of reality? Am I letting those very perceptions to manage my emotional state? what should I do? ”

Did you know the story of Plato’s cave (Greek philosopher)? Once upon the time there was this community of people who spent their own lives literally living in the dark with servants attending to their needs.

They were bound by shackles, facing a wall. Right behind them there was a fire casting a shadow on the wall of everything that passed by.

One day one of the members of this community managed to break free from the chains as these were rusty and broke easily.

He did this with hesitation though as he did not know any different from his own reality and he was in fear of what he would come across elsewhere. The man turns around and sees the fire; the wardens then realise that he has freed himself and throw him out as he was no longer allowed to talk to the other members.

Once out there the man discovers a new world and finds out about the origin of the shadows in the cave. He realises that these were not monsters or spirits, but real animals and people.

The man decides to go back to the cave to share his findings with the rest of the community. He sneaks in and makes the disclosure. The others in disbelief decide not to to listen to him, not to follow him, and to remain where they are…

Perceptions or reality?

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